Photos of Emerald Rough  Being Treated.

EmeraldHeater.jpg (30157 bytes)

This is a tin can with a light bulb at the top to create heat.

EmeraldHeater2.jpg (32076 bytes)

It has a 4" hole cut in the top to let  the heat out.  It also doubles as my dop wax heater.  I use a 4 inch tobacco tin to put the wax in.

VacuumSetup.jpg (58290 bytes)

This is my investment wax setup with a very good vacuum pump that will draw down to -30 inches of Hg.(Mercury).

VacuumBell.jpg (32051 bytes)

Emeralds in Vacuum chamber.

EmRoughinVacuum.jpg (58208 bytes)

Whole setup ready to go.

StartToBubble.jpg (27659 bytes)

First indication of bubbles being pulled out of the Emerald rough.  This starts at -20 inches of Hg.

GoingStrong.jpg (49121 bytes)

Going Strong...this keeps up for approximately 3 hours.  As long as there is any air in the Emerald, it wont reach -30 inches of Hg.  We let it run overnight and by morning, there were only miniscule bubbles coming out and the pressure had dropped to -29.5 inches of Hg.


StartingToBoil.jpg (42634 bytes)

Really starting to bubble.

Boiling.jpg (79965 bytes)

Looks like its actually boiling.

Boiling2.jpg (64975 bytes)


StartingToBoil2.jpg (44539 bytes)

Close up of the action.

TopOfFlask.jpg (41452 bytes)

Foam on the top from the boiling.