Here are a few pictures of my shop in progress.  Decided to bite the bullet and turn my spare bedroom into a much needed and wanted jewelry haven...

I'll add more pictures as I get all my tools brought in from the kitchen, living room, garage, bathroom, office, bedroom, tool shed, pool table know how it is....<Grin>


This is my garage where I am building a 36" x 8 ' table for my shop.
This is the hardwood top before I varnished it.  Should be impervious to water and acids.
Back side of the bench, almost finished.
My workspace.
Both benches moved in, need all the equipment moved in next.
Here is my Ventilation Blower outside in my Glass Shop.  Bought it from the Grainger catalog.
This is the "Ventilation Hood" that I can move wherever I like.  I actually put it in front of my torch to suck the fumes outside.
Here is how the hose is mounted to the inside of the bucket.  I used a disk on my Foredom tool to cut the hole.
Here is the bucket hanging from the rafters above my torch.
Overview of my glass bench.
Back side of the bucket with the flange showing.
Close up of the Connection of the hose, bucket and flange.
Another Overview.