Pictures of  some of the Opal rough from Ed in be the judge of the quality...I'm happier than a pig in slop....(old Texas saying...grin).

I redid the photography using the Cloud Dome and got great results.  The Cloud Dome , along with my 'trickie' setup below, gives perfect shots every time.  I believe this is the only way to shoot Opal.  Heres the latest batch of Opal from Ed.

Heres Ed's email address:

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These are three pictures of the same piece.  It has lots of red under the top layer, so making a decision to cut deeper is quite chalanging.
These will all be the "Before" pictures, and as I cut them, you will see the "After" pictures and the prices. (gonna be expensive..<grin>)
You can see the red fire at the top.
Lots of Blues and Purples.
Bright blues and red flash on the left, great possibilities.
Sorta ho-hum, but then we cant all be bright stars....<grin>..
Bright, bright, bright purples.
Bright green flashes at the bottom middle.
Bright blues, great possibilities.
Lots of veins and red flashes.
The closeup shows the red in the bottom vien.
Almost solid Red
Can't wait to cut off the last layer of boulder, should be solid bright blue.
The blues and greens in this one are astonishing, knock your eyes out.
This blue layer goes all the way through, dont know where to start first.
This one is almost the size of my fist and solid opal all the way through.  I'll clean up the outside , take off the boulder, and polish it some next week. 


Lots of different color veins in this one.
This is so good, I could just polish the face and wear it.
Lots of possibilities right under the skin.
Heres a batch together, wouldnt you like to open your mail and find this waiting for you to cut.
Heres the setup, and the trick is to shoot the Opal under water using the cloud dome. I put the scale on the bottom of the dish, fill it with water, put in the Opal, cover it with the cloud dome, wait till the water stops shaking, then shoot, first time every time...


I almost didn't want to tell you the secret, but yall have been so good to me that I thought I'd devulge the ultimate Opal secret.  <grin> ...and that its addictive as heck.