These are gems I purchased from Robert Lowe on his way back to Brazil.  He and his partner, Geraldo, are two of the nicest gentlemen I've had the pleasure of doing business with.  After I fed them Texas style filet mignon  smoked over Mesquite and served on rice pilaf, we got down to business and he displayed a selection of gems like I've never seen.  I bought all I could afford and then some.  I'm already anticipating his next trip. 

Roberts email address is :

e-mail: Brasil

e-mail: USA




smallBestfire.jpg (58459 bytes)

Small but Bestfire Opal

smallBlueOpal.jpg (28984 bytes)

Small Blue opal

smallAmatrine.jpg (49208 bytes)

Ametrine-notice how the stripe is centered

smallTriangle.jpg (23905 bytes)

Small Triangle but great fire.

smallPendant.jpg (26382 bytes)

This will make a beautiful Pendant.

smallGreenOpal.jpg (41241 bytes)

Small Green Opal

smallOpals.jpg (56416 bytes)

Opal Collection

smallEmerald.jpg (20378 bytes)

This is a 1 ct Emerald from the Robert Lowe collection.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  Perfectly clear.

smallKunzitePair.jpg (40902 bytes)

Pink Kunzite Pair

Nice Earrings

smallBestKunzite.jpg (24533 bytes)

Another Huge Pink Kunzite


smallHotPinkHorizontal.jpg (44890 bytes)

This is the only Hot Pink Imperial Topaz  I've ever seen.  It glows like its a Neon light.  My pictures don't do it justice.


smallHotPinkTourmalineVertical.jpg (45824 bytes)

Same stone, different view.



smallBlueGreenTourmaline.jpg (40436 bytes)

A fantastic Indicolite (Blue Green Tourmaline)


smallBlueGreen.jpg (40032 bytes)

Very nice Pendant stone.

smallBestRubelite.jpg (20716 bytes)


Gorgeous Red Color.

smallPinkTourmaline.jpg (49926 bytes)

Pink Tourmalines

bigTourmaline.jpg (30166 bytes)


Biggest Indicolite (Blue Green Tourmaline)  I've ever seen in person.  This is 60.47 cts.

smallNiceOpal.jpg (28141 bytes)

Nicest of the bigger Opals