Granulation by Jean Stark

Both Ends.JPG (37178 bytes)

Emerald Bracelet with Granulated Links

Close Links.JPG (23847 bytes)

Close Up of links

Emerald Catch.JPG (27694 bytes)

Close Up of the Emerald Catch

Emerald Female Catch.JPG (30889 bytes)

Female Catch

Emerald Catch 2.JPG (31318 bytes)

Male Catch

Emerald Bracelet.JPG (41651 bytes)

Clasp and Chain

Whole Emerald Bracelet.JPG (46667 bytes)

Whole Bracelet

Ball and Pillar.JPG (81738 bytes)

Ball and Pillar Necklace

Ball.JPG (29973 bytes)

Just the Ball

Pillar.JPG (30052 bytes)

Close up of the granulation that makes Jean world famous.

Pillar2.JPG (34125 bytes)

Another of the lower end.

Ball and Pillar2.JPG (105904 bytes)

A lighter shot.

Bracelet Catch.JPG (54040 bytes)

Woven Bracelet in Gold and Silver with a Granulated Clasp

Bracelet Stones.JPG (56793 bytes)

Bracelet Clasp with Sapphires

Woven Bracelet.JPG (47922 bytes)

Woven Bracelet...this is so fine it feels like silk.

Woven Bracelet2.JPG (47444 bytes)

Another shot of the most beautiful bracelet I've ever seen.

Catch Up Close.JPG (113634 bytes)

Look at the different size of granulated balls.  The smallest is .014 mm.

Diamond Fold Over.JPG (32887 bytes)

Diamond Fold Over Loop Chain

Very Delicate and Dainty.

Gold on Silver.JPG (45769 bytes)

Gold Granulation on Silver

Jean's Secret....till you attend her class.

Tube and Clasps.JPG (42153 bytes)

 Gold on White Gold Granulation.

This was an absolutely beautiful necklace, and the chain was silver and gold weave.

Tube and Rule.JPG (33406 bytes)

Beautiful and Dainty too!

Clasps and Rule.JPG (43235 bytes)

These clasps are amazing.  The granulation goes around the clasp in a continuous line.  Its extremely difficult to place the granules single file.

Earrings w Ruby.JPG (108119 bytes)

More single file granulation.  This is almost impossible to do, and Jean seems to do it with ease.  Its also hard to place the granules in a curved line.

Ruby Earring Close uP.JPG (36701 bytes)

Close up of the earring and the granulation.  This is a great example of the different size granulation balls.  Notice how they get smaller towards the end of the earring.

Ruby Bug.JPG (30744 bytes)

Granulated Ruby Pin

Emerald Bug.JPG (32843 bytes)

Similar Pin in Emerald

Granulated Discs.JPG (37691 bytes)

Granulated Dome Earrings

I'll start making these this weekend.

Disk and Rule.JPG (31745 bytes)

One of the earrings with a mm rule so you can see the fineness of the granlation.

Emerald Earrings.JPG (93496 bytes)

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

I'd make these if Robert Lowe would loan me some emeralds...<G>..

Summer Link Back.JPG (24306 bytes)

Here's granulation on a ring.

Star Ruby.JPG (39813 bytes)

It just keeps getting better.  This is her Christmas tree ornament.

Star Emerald.JPG (30744 bytes)

This is the other side of the ornament.

Star Up close.JPG (46831 bytes)

Star Emerald side up close.

Up Close.JPG (50080 bytes)

Ruby side up close.  I cant even park my car that straight.

Close Up Moonstone.JPG (96447 bytes)

Moonstone and Rubies

I wont even tell you what this piece is worth.

Mooonstone & Rubies.JPG (93458 bytes)

This is the whole piece.  23 rubies, 16 pearls, granulation and 22 Kt gold. Not to mention a perfect moonstone of ??? ct weight.

Me and Rubies.JPG (49143 bytes)

Yours truly wearing the piece de resistance.

Stay tuned...more to come.