Jean was teaching an Ancient Ring Class along with the Chains and Granulation Class.....heres a few samples of the Ancient Rings

Ancient Ring Amethyst.JPG (21528 bytes)

Amethyst and Granulation

Ancient Ring Gold and Green.JPG (21120 bytes)

Ancient Ring using wire, granulation, and Emeralds.

Ancient Ring Pink.JPG (23078 bytes)

Rubelite Cab in Ring With a Carved Shank

Ancient Ring Moonstone.JPG (18446 bytes)

Moonstone in Petal Setting

Ancient Ring Woven 2.JPG (27336 bytes)

Dog--Tooth Bezel with Plaited Shank

Ancient Ring Woven.JPG (23788 bytes)

Side View

Ancient Rings 1.JPG (20344 bytes)

Basic First Ring

Ancient Rings 2.JPG (20260 bytes)

Student Version of "Petal" setting.

Ancient Rings 3.JPG (24370 bytes)

Student Version of Spiral Ring

Ancient First Ring.JPG (24446 bytes)

Top View

Ancient Pearl.JPG (20264 bytes)

This was really an exciting ring...the pearl is real long and extends to the bottom of the can see it through the slits if you look hard.

Ancient Pink Side View.JPG (22891 bytes)

Back view of Ring in Picture #8.

Woven Sawtooth.JPG (31351 bytes)

Sawtooth Bezel

Twisted Wire.JPG (21249 bytes)

Twisted Wire Ring

Woven Ring.JPG (23902 bytes)

Saved the Best for Last....

This shank is made from 30 gauge links woven in a double Loop-in-Loop, and the top is granulated.