These are just some of Jeans Chains from her Chain Class

She brought in chains made from 30 gauge silver and gold wire that felt like silk, and were so fine that it was almost impossible to see the links without a loupe.  The most exciting chain was woven with gold in the middle and silver on the edges.  I'll let you try and figure out how she did it.  I know but I'm not telling....<G>...

Granulated Links.JPG (25825 bytes)

Granulated Single Side Weave

Granulated Links2.JPG (47530 bytes)

Single Side Weave

Links up Close.JPG (38201 bytes)

Links up Close

Lapis and Silver.JPG (37769 bytes)

Lapis and Silver

Double Loop in Loop..JPG (28514 bytes)

Egyptian Spiral Double Loop-in-Loop

Double Back.JPG (31494 bytes)

Back Side of Egyptian Spiral Double Loop-in-Loop

Double Side Weave.JPG (27313 bytes)

Double Side Weave

Double Side Weave Back.JPG (22597 bytes)

Double Side Weave Back

Small Links.JPG (37173 bytes)

Small Links

These links are approximately 3 mm long , made with 27 gauge gold wire on a 1/4 inch mandrel.

Fold Over.JPG (34279 bytes)

Fold Over....Jeans Design

Fold Over Close.JPG (44885 bytes)

Up Close of Fold Over in Gold

FoldOver in gold.JPG (41470 bytes)

Fold Over.....notice the exactness of each link.

Gold and Silver Chain.JPG (43208 bytes)

Gold and Silver Weave

Gold and Silver Weave.JPG (45365 bytes)

The weave on top is easy to figure out...

Try to tell me how she made the weave on the bottom.

Cross and Links.JPG (70337 bytes)

Cross and 3 mm links

These are the Small Links shown above.

Silver Chains.JPG (28703 bytes)

Silver Chains

Silver Chains2.JPG (37844 bytes)

Silver Mesh Chains

Silver Chains3.JPG (39661 bytes)

Boxes of Chains

Silver Chains4.JPG (28837 bytes)

Basic Chains that are taught in the first Chain Class

Silver Weave.JPG (38128 bytes)

Silver Weave

Silver 4 Way Double .JPG (37076 bytes)

Silver 4 Way Double

Clasp.JPG (51703 bytes)

Heres the chain made from 30 gauge Gold and Silver wire.

Clasps and Rule.JPG (43235 bytes)

Here it is next to a rule so you can appreciate the fineness.