To say I  don't know much about Jade would be an understatement, but I

have a friend of a friend that is 84 years old, and has a ton of Jade

that he wants to sell.  (actually several Tons)

I have no financial interest in this, just trying to help out a friend. 

We  may have to take a trip to Oklahoma myself to buy some Jade and

take some more Cloud Dome pictures to really show off these stones.


The following prices may be high, low, just right, outrageous or a real steal.......I'll

let you decide, they were provided to me and I'm putting 'em here as I got 'em.

For Pricing call:

Eugene G. Ward



1) Approximately 4 Tons of slabs and chunks of Jade, Thulite, Idocrase, Botryoidal,

Grape Jade, Flower Jade, Green Jade, Black Jade with Magnetite Crystals,

Rhodonite, Jasper, Agate, Petrified Woods, Horn Coral.

$5 a lb or $25,000 for it all.

2) 40 Ricker mounts of jade Cabochons in assorted sizes and shapes, mixed jewelry

and jewelry with stones


3) 1 205 lb. chunk of dark green Jade.   $1,200

4) 50 Specimens of Botryoidal, Grape Jade. $12,000.

5) 1 Black Jade Kidney shape, 7 lbs. $4,000.

6) 1 Green Botryoidal Grape Jade, 6 lbs.  $5,000.

7) 1 Red Botryoidal , Grape Jade, 9 lbs. $5,000.

8) 1 Boot of Italy, Top Grade Green Nephrite Jade, museum piece. $10,000.

9) 155 lb. chunk of top grade Green Nephrite Jade.  $50,000.

10) 12 Jade Indian peace pipes. $15,000.

11) 33 Jade Knives. $27,000.

12) 6 Jade Spheres. $2,500.

13) 6 Jade Bracelets. $1,500.

14) 5 Jade Snuff Bottles. $1,000.

15) 1 Petrified Pine Cone, approximately 75,000 years old. $6,000.

16) 1 Bladed Hematite Crystal Specimen. $500.