The wire stop moves out of the way as the cutting lever comes down.
View from the side, this is a very well made tool.  I clamp it to the bench with an adjustable clamp whenever I need it.  I can also use it to cut bigger wire to make bigger balls for my Indian Jewelry.  There is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet on the previous page that will give the exact length of wire to make any size / diameter ball.
Three holes, for three different size wire / length combinations.
Size of fine silver wire snippets that will become small granules.
Close up of head and the adjusting screws to limit the length of wire to get cut.
Output of wire snippets.  I can easily cut 2-3  per sec, that is 180 a minute, or 10,800 in an hour.
Feeding the wire into the cutter.
Just a few minutes worth of cutting.