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I started off with buying some small coasters at the Dollar store.  On top I placed a wad of Play Dough to use for a base.  I also bought some VERY Black material called PeachSkin from the fabric store.  Total Cost, $5 for 5 packs of coasters , $2 for Play Dough and $3 for material.  ( I also bought White and Pink and Red.)
I placed my stone, a Rainbow Moonstone, on the cloth, pressed it down into the Play Dough, and put a measuring device next to it.
I placed the Cloud Dome on top.  It has the camera attached, but I cant take a picture of the camera obviously..
One of the things that make this job easy is the Auxiliary Power Supply for the Nikon that eliminates batteries in house. Cost about $29 at the camera store.
The thing that really makes this nice is the Auto Sutter Release by Nikon.  It will let you zoom, change modes and release the shutter.  If you don't have one, you can use the Self Timer, but this is so much faster its worth the extra $129.
This is the resulting Photo.
Next I attacked Drop Shadows.  I used a piece of frosted glass, coated half with black paint (shiny side) and tapered off towards the middle.  Then I coated the other half with white spray on paint. 

This is what the other side (frosted ) looks like.

Cost $4 for the glass and $1 each for the paint at Home Depot.

I cut the glass to be about 4x6 inches.

I used some Office Putty, cost $3, and made a shelf on the glass about half an inch high.

I placed the glass on the coasters at 45 degrees, and placed the stone on the shelf.

You can see the reds in the room taking a picture without the Cloud Dome.

Here's the finished product, taken under the Cloud Dome.  Total time, less than a minute.
Next, I placed a piece of jewelry on the same shelf.  This piece is "The Comet Lady" by Dave Stephens.
Here's the finished product, a Drop Shadow in about a minute or less.  I will put up other pieces of jewelry later in the week and will 'edit' my glass for different shelves. Probably White putty would have been better.  And I'm thinking of putting a hole where the  shelf is to insert a solid shelf for different pieces.
...more to come