I would highly recommend this class to everyone....and I wouldn't do that if I wasn't absolutely sure that you would come away satisfied.  Dave Sebaste ( a regular Ordchid contributor) recommended it to me , and even he didn't do it justice.

I also bought the set of tapes as a reminder.....there were a lot of tricks taught in that week.....and it was worth it too...learning about tension tightening of prongs was worth the course.


I would also suggest attending the class in the off season....I stayed on the beach in a $150 a night room during the summer season for $35 a night in November.  Full view of the ocean and a beach right outside my door.



This is Blaine's way of teaching.  Above is the camera that enlarges a 2mm diamond to fill a whole 21" TV screen.  You cant make any mistakes setting a stone with 10 students watching on TV....and he didnt.....

In the background is the TV screen showing what is locked down in the vice.

Here is the ring in the vice.

Here is what it looks like on a 21" inch TV.

Here is another view of the ring in a vice and its display on the TV.  Immediately after demonstrating the process, we did the same setting while all of the steps were still fresh in our minds.

Here is his classroom and student work stations.  Every tool I  needed was there, plus some I had never seen before......which I bought of course....hahahahahaha.