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Meet Carola  Rymavicius, our English Speaking Tour Guide

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An English Home on the River.

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The river that separates Argentina and Uruguay.  Not an Ocean, but a river 230 miles wide.

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View of downtown.

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Their racetrack for horses.

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Buenos Aries has monuments on almost every corner.

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And they are beautiful and relaxing.

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One of the many Condo in Buenos Aries.

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This is in the Cemetery in Ricoletto.  All of the famous an rich are buried here.  The tombs are still kept up, and the next few pictures are of the Architecture in the Cemetery.

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A sleeping angel.

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Our guide Carola at the tomb of Eva Peron.

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Tributes to Eva Peron, or Evita.

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This one speaks for itself.

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Beautiful sunrise at the Cemetery.

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A bunch (dozen) flowers could be had for as little as $5.

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The inside of the churches were magnificent.

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Getting pigeons to eat out of the little girls hand.

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Pigeons everywhere.

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These are so tame, you had to wait till they got out of your way.

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The General pointing West.

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Guards at the Palace.

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This was painted Pink (my favorite color) because it was to unify the two opposed government factions, whose colors were red for one and white for the other.

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Changing of the Guard.

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The guard marches to the church to stand guard over the tomb of the General.

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Tower on top of the state building.

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The other main Government Building.  The Pink one is where they enforce the laws and this one is where they make the laws.

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A living statue. Actors dressed up as statues, and they perform as you drop coins in their cups.

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Just got paid...<G>...

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In the flea market,,,,I could have stayed here all day.

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Beautiful hand crafted jewelry.

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Collection of locks, some of which were 200 years old....and very expensive.

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Lovely street vendor......

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A 90 year old couple dancing the tango.

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Another living statue.

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A once famous and VERY beautiful tango dancer.

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Look closely at the news paper and her picture when she was in her prime....WOW!!!

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A very talented lady and dancer.

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European Commodes...way up there....<G>...

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Another lining statue.

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And another..

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Local Singing Artists.

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Great Music....

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Wonderful voice....

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Look at all the colors...

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Most of the boats are deserted.

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Some are almost sinking.

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A Silversmith and his wares.

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Beautiful jewelry from $5 to $500.

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Rhodocrosite is the national stone of Argentina.  It is carved into these very delicate bowls and they aren't cheap...about $5000 to $15,000 depending on the size.

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More monuments downtown.

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The General, always pointing west.

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Look at the detail on the door of the Bank.

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One Panel.

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One carving on the panel.

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This is the detail of the column on the sides.

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This is the detail on the side of the door.

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A window of the bank.

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Detail on the transom over the door.

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A street merchant, making very detailed and tiny linked chains and wire wrap jewelry.  I bought several pieces because he was so good.

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Close up of his work.

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Another view of his wire wrap jewelry.

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My Italian Family name...Piazza.

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The Claridge Hotel where I stayed.  A 5 Star Hotel, great accommodations,.

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Beautiful Argentina ladies in front of the Hotel....notice how narrow the streets are.

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Looking the other way in front of the Hotel.

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Painting of the ceiling in the Mall.  Not a church or government building, but a Mall.

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More Paintings.

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And More...

smallDSCN0980.jpg (31233 bytes)

And More...

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And More...

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And More...

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Here's the Mall dining area and all of the paintings are directly above the customers heads.